Boundary Walls

KWIKFRAME is the best-suited building method for erecting boundaries walls fast and efficiently.

Build Boundary Walls Cheaper, Stronger & Quicker

Building boundary walls has never been this fast, or this easy!  

A Kwikframe panel’s standard size is 1.2 x 2.95m—so putting up walls doesn’t take forever, no laying of bricks one by one.   

Be Creative in Your Building Design or Choice.

Great flexibility of design is one of KwikFrame’s greatest strengths. This flexibility can be fully exploited by the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the architect, engineer or designer. It can be used to build simple structures such as garages or granny flats, through to pools and boundary walls. It can even be used as part of roofing and panels can be easily cut to form curved structions. Kwikframe helps you remove a lot of obstacles in your building project by offering an easy to system that’s versatile and designed to last.

Save on Transport and Labour Costs

The time it takes to build with Kwikframe is up to 70% quicker because of it’s panel structure, it’s light weight and ease of handling. It’s also extremely easy to transport and doesn’t need specialized delivery methods. Because of how easy the system is to use, it doesn’t need large teams. Another huge cost saving feature. You get a lot more done, a lot quicker, with less.

Get Your Boundary Walls built in a FLASH!

The cost of using Kwikframe to build your boundary walls could save you up to 50% depending on where you are in South Africa. So you save on material & labour.

Boundary Wall Projects Built With Kwikframe

KWIKFRAME is the preferred building system solution when it comes to quickly and affordably building boundary walls. Check out some of the Boundary Wall projects built with KWIKFRAME below.

Silver Stream Estate


Florence Road

Let's Build Your Boundary Walls In A Flash