Kwikframe Use Cases

No matter what you want to build, Kwikframe can help you build it stronger, faster and more affordably.

From Walls, To Homes, To Schools, To Skyscrapers

KWIKFRAME is being used to fast track construction projects of all sizes because of it’s ease of handling, rapid assembly and it’s adaptability to many building applications. It is the best alternative to brick and block building.

Boundary Walls

KWIKFRAME allows you to build sturdy boundary walls in a flash, with savings on materials and labour and cutting down on logistical planning and transport.

Commercial Projects

KWIKFRAME is the building material of choice for schools, hospitals, high-rises and even business parks, because of it’s rapid assembly and strength.


Whether it’s a new home, renovations, or a new lot of residential units, KWIKFRAME is the perfect building solution for you.