Learning & Support

When you choose to be a KWIKFRAME Accredited installer, you’re choosing more than just a superior building system.

Equip Yourself With All The Knowledge You Need To Build With Confidence

Being a unique building system, we want to ensure that you have all the knowledge and know-how to implement and build successful, safe projects with the KWIKFRAME Building System. Which is why we go out of our way to cover all the bases, from providing training and lectures to workshops and on-site supervision.

Specialised Training Advisory

Get expert guidance tailored to your needs. Our advisors will steer you towards success in our unique building system.

Training Courses

Dive into hands-on learning with our comprehensive courses. Master the art of our innovative construction method with our expert instructors.

Builders Workshops

Roll up your sleeves and build with confidence in our interactive workshops. Learn practical skills that set you apart in the industry.

University Lectures

Enhance your academic journey with cutting-edge insights. Join our lectures at top universities to explore the future of construction.

Supervision At Job Sites

Elevate your projects with on-site expertise. Our skilled supervisors ensure seamless integration of the KWIKFRAME building system.

Lectures For Building Professional Associations

We provide specialised lectures to seasoned Building Associations to help them integrate and understand why KWIKFRAME is the superior building solution for their needs.