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Why is KWIKFRAME the
Better Building solution

There are a lot of reasons that make using the KWIKFRAME building system a better choice over brick and block solutions. But these are the main three reasons we think KWIKFRAME is the ultimate building solution.

Building Quicker than Ever

The cost of using KWIKFRAME in your building needs could save you up to 43% depending on where you are in South Africa. So you save on material & labour.

Savings on Labour and Material

The time it takes to build with KWIKFRAME is up to 70% quicker than when using traditional Brick and Block. This means you could save on labour costs.

A Stronger, Lighter building Solution

KWIKFRAME walls range from only 80mm to thick and can hold up to 17 ton/sqm compared to traditional brick and block while also giving you more internal space.

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about kwikframe

A Little Background

KWIKFRAME / KWIKPANEL ® is a unique non-brick building system developed in the USA for unstable soil conditions, and first used commercially in 1970.

The first plant in South Africa was established in 1981. Since then a full Agrément Board Certificate has been issued in 1989 and this product is approved by NHBRC as well as all SA commercial Banks for financing.

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No Project too Big
or Too Small

KWIKFRAME is being used to fast track construction projects of all sizes because of it’s ease fo handling, rapid assembly and it’s adaptability to many building applications. It is the best alternative to Brick and Block building methods.

Residential Projects

Whether it’s a new home, renovations, security walls or even a new lot of residential units, Kwikframe is the perfect building solution for you.

Commercial Projects

Kwikframe is the building material of choice for schools, hospitals, highrises and even business parks because of it’s rapid assembly and strength.


Kwikframe's superior strength and durability makes it the perfect solution for industrial projects, especially in the mining and agricultural industries.

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Kwikframe Building System

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