KWIKFRAME Is The Ultimate Building System For Any & All Construction Projects

Supercharge your building efforts with a unique, non-brick and block building system, made to help you build faster, stronger and more affordably.

KWIKFRAME Is The Obvious Building System To Choose

KWIKFRAME is a super versatile building system that can be used for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It offers a variety of benefits over traditional brick & block building methods, including savings on labour, transport and materials. Keep scrolling to learn more.

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Why You Should Choose KWIKFRAME For Your Construction Projects

Super Fast Build Time

KWIKFRAME building is up to 70% faster compared to traditional brick and block, saving you time and money.

Savings On Labour And Material

The cost of using KWIKFRAME in your building needs could save you up to 50% depending on where you are in South Africa. Save on material & labour costs!

A Stronger, Lighter Building Solution

KWIKFRAME walls range from 80mm to thick and can hold up to 17,8 ton/sqm compared to traditional brick and block of only 13 ton/sqm, while also giving you more internal space.

A Strong History Of Building Better

KWIKFRAME is a unique non-brick building system formulated for unstable soil conditions and natural hurricane disasters, first developed in the USA and now has a global presence in 28 countries!

KWIKFRAME was used commercially in 1970 with the first plant in South Africa established in 1981. Since then, An Agrément Board Certificate has been issued (1989) with the product approved by NHBRC as well as all SA commercial institutions for financing.

Approved By Leading Industry Bodies

From Walls, To Homes, To Schools, To Skyscrapers

KWIKFRAME is being used to fast track construction projects of all sizes because of it’s ease of handling, rapid assembly and it’s adaptability to many building applications. It is the best alternative to brick and block building.

Boundary Walls

KWIKFRAME allows you to build sturdy boundary walls in a flash, with savings on materials and labour and cutting down on logistical planning and transport.

Commercial Projects

KWIKFRAME is the building material of choice for schools, hospitals, high-rises and even business parks, because of it’s rapid assembly and strength.


Whether it’s a new home, renovations, or a new lot of residential units, KWIKFRAME is the perfect building solution for you.

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